the unplanned life

I’ve always been a planner. I have my quirks. I like order and matching socks and predictability.

I like to know the outcome of my labor.

But, if nothing else, parenting children has taught me that planning, order, and predictability are not always possible. I’ve learned through having children that sometimes I must accept unpredictability, sometimes, ditch my plans, and go with the flow.

I birthed my second daughter naturally on a whim. I decided at 39 weeks pregnant that I wanted a natural birth, i.e., without an epidural or any other drugs intended to induce labor and I made that happen by getting a midwife, reading a lot, and going for it.

Going with the flow and taking chances are two things that I’ve learned through parenting. I’ve learned, from my children and the beautiful process that is motherhood, that it is necessary to move forward, to beat out fears and just. keep. doing.

So while I like to-lists and plans and organization and being in control, I know that sometimes it’s also important to balance planned living with unplanned living. Sometimes it’s important to do in the moment, think on your feet, and just. keep. going.


Are you much of a planner? Or, do you kind of let life lead you where it may?

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