who cares?

Sometimes, I get into ruts with my online writings. I stumble over what to share and what to hold back. I’ve always been a to the point kind of a girl, a speak when spoken to kind of a girl. I say little in groups unless I have something BIG to say. So, sometimes, I prefer silence. I listen a lot. I take notes. I reflect. And then I may speak.

Online speaking is challenging in that way. Online, it’s easy to want to share because you can convince yourself that you are speaking in a conversation you’ve started and know the direction of. But other times? Other times it’s hard.

Sometimes before hitting publish on posts about my personal life, posts that hold little value to the lives of any of my readers, I wonder, “Who cares?” Who cares that I got a sweater from the thrift store with shoulder pads. Who cares that my toddler is potty trained. Who cares that my baby is teething. Who cares?

I care.

And while I don’t always decide to hit publish on every post idea that I’ve written about in earnest, sometimes I do. I think even in the mundane, the boring, the inconsequential details of my life, of my journey as a writer, mother, wife, twenty-something, there’s something there for others, something of value.

And usually, realizing that value takes time and reflection and reading the comments of others who’ve read and say back to me what they got.

Someone cares. Always. Someone will care.


When writing for an online audience, do you, in the process of writing a post, article, or tweet, ask “who cares?” Do you ask this of yourself?

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4 Responses to who cares?

  1. Robbie says:

    I don’t ask myself this but maybe i should?

  2. Hi Jessica! I have to say that every single time I write a post I think “who cares?” I even have several posts I’ve written and convinced myself to not publish because “who cares?” 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      I’ve done the same thing! Sometimes I do just push myself to hit publish anyway, but sometimes I don’t. When i do hit publish, it’s usually those posts that provoke really great responses. So maybe you should give it a try! Hit publish!

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