you’ve done a good job

Before I had children, I used to go to the gym for hours. And when I say hours, I mean hours. I would stay long,work hard, and sweat hard. It was all or nothing then. A workout wasn’t a workout unless I did what I said I came to do, usually run on a treadmill for an hour and do the reclining bike for 30 minutes.

“Go big or go home!”

With children, everything has changed. My workout routine has changed. I can’t “go big or go home” or buy until that mindset anymore because with children, it’s not that easy.

With children, there’s a degree of flexibility that must be built into your life and your workout routines. I walk now with my girls. I don’t set goals for my walking when I’m with my girls. I just go. I aim low. “So long as you walk, you have done a good job.”

Today in our walk, I began thinking about this. A raindrop, residue from a previous storm dropped on my sweatshirt and I looked up at the sky. I looked up and saw the above sight, a canopy created by leaves from a tree. It was beautiful.

In seeing it I breathed in, looked at my girls and my walking shoes and smiled and said, “You’ve done a good job.”


Do you have any techniques that you use to work out with your kids?

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