i should write more poetry

I used to write poetry. Privately. In loose leaf notebooks and with blue and black pens, I wrote things that rhymed, sometimes nauseatingly. I sometimes wrote poetry, but I never shared it.

In undergraduate school, someone told me that true poets study their craft, that the idea that anyone could create “real” poetry was ill-conceived. I said things to suggest I disagreed, but somehow I did agree and I’ve carried that belief with me. It’s defined why I haven’t published any poetry online or elsewhere.

Poetry is beautiful, however. And I want to enjoy it and write it again, just for the practice.

I want to write something short.

Hanging  syllables.

Connected through ideas.

I want to write.

I want to write something that is emotional.

I want to write.

I want to write something I think I can’t.



Because I really can.





I should probably freestyle a poem here and now but I know it would likely be horrible and I’d rather not make that kind of a statement about myself.

At least not yet.



Is there a style of writing that you’re not as great at? If so, what’s the style and do you ever practice it just for the sake of getting better?

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5 Responses to i should write more poetry

  1. beckony says:

    I too dabbled in poetry. I’m not that great and I’ll probably never be publishable in it, but I like to fool around with it because poetry has that lovely language quality that I want to impart into my fiction. I think it’s great practice both because its concise and because it makes you consider each and every word you use.

    • Jessica says:

      Very true! It’s definitely a talent. I need to try to write poetry more often and get over my fear of not being perfect. That’s the only way you learn, you know?

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