i’ve lost my talent of “doing nothing”

I have a problem. A real problem. Ever since having children, I’ve lost the natural ability to really relax while doing nothing.

Doing nothing was something I used to be good at. Ever day, after work and cooking dinner, I did “nothing,” but then my nothing had a name. Yes. It was called “relaxing” or “reflecting” or “taking a breather.”

And then, my doing nothing tasks were spent truly at ease with the thought that when they ended I could, if I so wanted, do something or not.

Make since.

But now, now things have changed.

The saying that you don’t know fatigue or busy until you’ve had children (okay, that’s not really a saying. It’s just something I’ve made up), well, it’s true.

You see, since most of my life is very busy, since I usually can’t sit down and not have a million things running through my head prompting me to get   up    now, I’ve lost the skill, the talent of doing nothing.

Tonight was one of those nights for me. I don’t have anything to do, but the past two hours have spent with me on edge wondering if I’ve forgotten something. “I should get something done.”

But, I’m ignoring these thoughts and anxieties for now. Doing nothing. I could get used to this.


Any other parents out there who’ve lost the talent of doing nothing and enjoying nothing-ness fully?


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2 Responses to i’ve lost my talent of “doing nothing”

  1. Cecilia says:

    Yes! In fact, I’m battling this every day these days. This is my one truly quiet month of the year (down season for my business) and I am wasting SO much time. I need to clean and organize the house but I have no motivation, but at the same time I can’t relax or give myself a little vacation either. So basically what I’m doing is wallowing in guilt and getting nothing done. Sigh…

    Somehow motherhood has made us feel undeserving of any breaks at all – as if we’re supposed to be productive 24 hours a day – and so now we can’t relax with a little free time! Maybe that is why we need Mother’s Day??

    • Jessica says:

      I’m the same way! It’s so tough! I have to force myself to relax and just do nothing. Maybe you’re right. Maybe that’s why we need Mother’s Day.

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