mother’s day is…

I used to always want to be a mother, just to be considered part of Mother’s Day. I didn’t really think myself deserving of the “honorable” meanings of the day. No. I think I just wanted someone to celebrate me. I wanted a gift on a day that a lot of other women were getting gifts.

I think.

But now that I’m actually a mother, the meaning of Mother’s Day has changed for me. Now, I do value the day, but when asked by my husband what I’d like in honor of “my” day, my requests were small: a trip to the thrift store with my children, my eyebrows threaded, and a pair of new sunglasses. Those were my “gifts,” but more than that I wanted to spend the day with my family.

I wanted to celebrate with them this new place that we’ve found ourselves in at this point in our lives.

Mother’s day is a day of mothers or women who have given something of themselves for others.


What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

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