aiming low and going very very slow

I began working out consistently at 19. Then, I was a gym girl. I went to the gym, at one point, every single day of my life. Every single day of my life, at that point, I ran for 30 minutes, did the bike for 30 minutes on the Hill option, and then lifted some weights.

I liked the gym because I was a competitively fit person. I was “that” person who would run that extra mile just because another person near me had completed a mile. I was “that” person who reached for the 10 pound weights rather than the 5 pound weights just because someone I saw in the corner of my eye was watching.

Or, so I thought.

Having an audience inspired me then. It made me want to do better, go further, excel further not just at the gym but in a lot of areas of my life.

Yesterday, I started a new workout. A new workout that was so hard that I barely got through the warm up. I’m not kidding. The old me would have felt like a failure, blamed the tape, and done something more “rewarding.” But the new me kept going. I took a break to breathe after the warm up and did the rest of the tape at my own pace. I didn’t look at the fit bodies on the screen, I just went with it.

And I did it. I didn’t do it perfectly. But I did it.

And for that, I’m proud.


What does your exercise routine say about you?

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