who are you pinterest?

I like Pinterest. I really do. I like finding inspiration and seeing others’ inspiration. I really do.


I like most the unintentional part of pinterest. I like that I can, sometimes stumble upon some great recipe for quiche that was included by someone just because they loved quiche.

I like that.

And on my boards, I like pinning things that I like or find interesting because… I really do like them and find them interesting.

I know. It’s a novel idea.

But, in recent weeks of pinning, I’ve come to realize that some of the original zeal surrounding Pinterest and the idea of Pinterest…well… it seems to be dying. A bit.

Maybe I’m being too cynical, however, and maybe the news of Pinterest being valued at $1 billion dollars sways my opinions on this topic, but, I don’t know.

It seems that in some cases, Pinterest has become an online billboard, a static Google of sorts, a hodge podge of some good and bad ideas and clothing and fabrics and images and words, lots of words.

Oh, so you want a skirt? Here’s an uninteresting one that I think you should look into just because it’s my boutique that’s selling it. Whatever you need, I’ve got… if you click on me. Just pin me, baby!


What do you think about the rise of Pinterest? How do you use it?

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1 Response to who are you pinterest?

  1. Ruby says:

    Gaaaahhhhh this is my sadness too… spam, too many words, and too many “this is how to make money from Pinterest” pins. But unfortunately that is what tends to happen with all new media – a beautiful idea, then people look for ways to make money out of, original users become po’d, and after a while things settle/we all find ways to deal. I think my FAV way to use Pinterest is as a vision board for myself/my goals. And all the useful toddler/kids stuff.

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