college town

I drove through the college town in my state. The college town is the one town with the big university that all the kids you wanted a “good” education but couldn’t afford to go elsewhere went. College town. In my town it’s littered with a cacophony of noises and high rise apartment complexes and IHOP restaurants and girls wearing cut off jean shorts and tank tops.

College town.

It’s the kind of place you go to and know that it will always bring you back to the place when you were living there in that place. It’s the kind of place that is rich with air, made thick with the anticipation of what will next be.

It’s the kind of place that you go to and are reminded of what you once thought would be but that isn’t actually, currently.

I think for some reasons, I believed that when I graduated from my first alma mater that the university would somehow miss me, like an old lover who you’ve dumped, broken up with, and moved on. Or, at least that’s what I imagined it would be.

But, in going back, you see that he or she has moved on, quite well. That he or she is now very good with his or her new lover.

That’s what it’s like going back to your alma mater.

In an instant, you discover that you were one of many, that your dreams that fueled your drive in English 101 did not die when you left.

College town.

There’s no place like it.


What feelings do you feel in returning to your alma mater? Do you even return? If so, why?

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4 Responses to college town

  1. I’ve returned once and its just like you said. Made me feel weird, but good. Like it reminded me how far I’ve come, ya know?

    • Jessica says:

      Exactly! And that’s a good thing. It’s good to remember of from whence we have come so that we can remember that we have come from something and are still going…somewhere.

  2. Terrorizer says:

    I’ve returned a few times…and it just seemed soo small! Granted the school is in a small town in a rural area and even when I was a student there it seemed small. But after I graduated it seems even more so. In the past few years since graduation, I’ve found a few reasons to return to my former “home” (football games, speakers), but more recently my reasons and willingness to make the drive up 695 have been shrinking steadily. It’s just too small man LOL. But I’ll always take the fond memories and friendships made with me.

    • Jessica says:

      I hardly go to my college town either. It’s sometimes just too weird. I went to a small college at first, then I transferred to a very large state college.

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