bad movies

I wonder what it’s like to make a movie, to spend millions or thousands of dollars on the making of the movies, and then in the end, hate what you’ve produced.

I consider myself a fair movie critic. I have pretty high standards. I like good acting. I like good and well-rounded endings. I like good images. I like, most of all, a good story, a unique story that like a good book, grabs me and makes me want more once it’s over.

Bad movies are bad because they lack some or sometimes all of the above qualities.

Bad movies must feel like disappointments once they’re all said and done with. Perhaps making a bad movie is like a winding route of stops and starts. You think some parts are good because of the stops and starts. But in the end, when all the parts are put together, and it turns out not to be good…then what then?

I’ve always wonder about that.

I just spent 30 minutes of my life watching a bad movie that could have been good if the director or producer didn’t try to pack in so much.

It was a bad movie, so bad that I felt I had to write this post on bad movies.


What makes a movie “bad” in your opinion? What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

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2 Responses to bad movies

  1. curiosity killed the cat, but still what was that movie? There is only one movie that managed to produce a never ending hatred and anger, I get so freakin angry even when I hear its name: Splice.

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