too old for horror movies

I used to love horror movies as a child and as a teenager. They were the kinds of movies that I would sneak behind my parents’ backs to watch…at sleepovers, in the den at my grandma’s house, on the Internet.

I would watch terrifying movies and be thrilled. I would feel what my Freshman Rhetoric professor called “the sublime,” as it was interpreted by some English writer whose name escapes me at this moment. The sublime is that feeling of awe-inspiring beauty and horror meshed at the same time.

I didn’t think horror movies were beautiful, but I did think they possessed a kind of exciting quality that made them intriguingly terrifying.

But I watched them. Well, until I got older. Now, I can’t watch horror movies. I don’t have time for nightmares. I don’t have any desire to be afraid. The rush of fear is no longer as attractive as it once seemed.

Now, I just want light hearted, funny, entertaining movies. That’s all. Nothing else.


Do you watch horror movies? What are some of your favorites?


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5 Responses to too old for horror movies

  1. I hated horror movies all my life, slasher, gore, jump scare or any other kind. but recently i saw A Tale of Two Sisters, and wow, instant favorite. it isn’t exactly horror, but it’s one hell of a film and it made me have a more open mind towards the whole horror genre.

  2. Good question. I like most genres if they are well written, but I avoid horror movies. I will watch a movie with tension or even violence in it, but life is scary enough without searching for terror. I don’t want the visual vocabulary floating around my head if I can avoid it. I watched Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan because I knew I had much to learn from them, but it wasn’t easy, and I was haunted afterwards.

  3. anonymousmomma says:

    Yeah, the draw of horror movies has lost its appeal. I love zombies, but its starting to get old

  4. John Brito says:

    Well, I loved horror movies as a kid and still do, it helps to “cool down” after a busy business day 🙂 but as I grew older, I just don’t have the time to watch movies 😦

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah. It’s funny. Those movies really are a great way to “cool down” in a weird kind of, thank-god-my-life-is-at-least-comparatively-more-sane kind of a way. Or, at least that’s what they did for me. I also lost the time to watch them as well.

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