memorial day

Memorial day is one of those holidays that I don’t really have much memories for. It’s an understated kind of a holiday that retailers haven’t really capitalized on, I think.

But, nonetheless, Memorial Day is an important day.

My grandfather fought in World War II. I found this out at his funeral. While a very normal, working-class man, it seemed, in his life, at his death I finally got his significance to this country and beyond just being my grandpa.

They folded a crisp, red, white, and dark blue flag like a triangle atop his coffin. They play a song on a trumpet and marched. It was somber and moving.

I was 7 then. But I remember those parts.

The sacrifices that soldiers make for this and other countries never ceases to amaze me.

So today, I’m in awe of the sacrifices made. I’m thankful.


What memories/traditions have you and your family formed around Memorial Day?

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3 Responses to memorial day

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  2. Hi Jessica, I am so glad that you had a chance to see your grandfather’s sacrifice honored. I posted a Memorial Day blog this morning,and it is easier just to show you than to tell you.

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