writer history

Every writer has a history, a story of from whence they’ve come that gives meaning to their writing in the moment. I was reminded of this when I read this post by Audrey Kalman.

As a writer, I’ve gotten better with time. But I’m still growing in this craft. I think when I first started blogging, I had only written with any consistency in my graduate program. And then, the writing really wasn’t my own, it wasn’t on topics that always inspired me and it was written, usually, from a place of my over-worrying about how I would be perceived as a student, as a human being m by my professors.

Today writing about the things that I chose to talk about on a daily basis is liberating. It’s also stretching. I’m stretched by having to write here and at my other blog. I am a better “technical” writer. I find it less challenging as I once did to remember the rules of punctuation and grammar and all that other stuff.

But the essence of my writings have stayed the same. Other the years, I’ve always asked questions. I’ve always been conversational and personal and an emotional writer. From as far back as first grade, I’ve been this way. I know because I’ve saved all my essays from back then.


How have your writings evolved over time?

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2 Responses to writer history

  1. I have learned to be ruthless with the red pen. If I cut my words, they will not bleed. I write leaner and quicker now. Blogging has also helped me be more concise. I try to keep my posts under 600 words; except for a couple of stories, I have managed to do so.

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, me too! Blogging definitely is good for that. I am a lot better now at getting to the point and saying what I want to say without the fear that what I say won’t make sense.

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