I remember hearing about some bloggers writing posts on their phone and wondering how that could be possible. But, here I am, in a budget hotel in a new city writing a post on my phone.

I don’t really have a plan for tonight’s post, but I think I do want to talk about hotels.

I used to love hotel stays, the free breakfast, small sweet smelling soaps, and the often small indoor pools. But as I have gotten older an had children, the allure isn’t the same. vacations aren’t the same.

They’re work. Real work. It is now after 8 and I am mostly exhausted so I’ll stop there.


Do you enjoy hotels as an adult?

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2 Responses to hotels

  1. It makes a difference whether I am there for work or pleasure, by myself or with friends and family. Oh, yeah, and where the hotel is. My life is so busy that sometimes it is nice to be away from the phone and the housework to concentrate on reading, writing, or playing.

    • Jessica says:

      Good point! I have actually only stayed in a hotel by myself once. I’m sure if I did that more often, my experiences as an adult would be A LOT different. The most recent stays we’ve had at hotels have been with children, small children. It’s tough, but I’m slowly learning how to make it work.

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