every home is beautiful on the outside

I like to house watch. Here, in the area that I live in the most expensive areas, the wealthiest areas are populated by absolutely breathtaking homes. And in these areas, the inhabitants display their wealth, their life for the world in the evenings. They turn on most lights in their living areas and draw back their curtains, inviting the glances of outsiders.

All homes look beautiful at night from the outside. When driving past them, you can see glimpses of their character. The way lights hit a metallic clock on the mantel or the way the contrast of the night makes their interiors look so warm.

But, I’ve learned that some of the beauty of houses whose insides can be seen at night is an illusion. You see what the light shows from the outside. What you can’t see are the things that the light doesn’t hit– an unorganized pantry, a filthy floor, or worn wallpaper.

You see the gloss. And from the outside you admire this gloss and wonder, or I wonder, how my house looks like from the outside. But then you remember that more important than how your house is perceived on the outside is how it’s lived on the inside. Yes. That’s what matter most.

I want a beautiful house on the inside. I want solid walls and clean lines and everything in clear view.


Do you ever house-watch while driving through neighbors? Not in a stalkerish kind of a way, but just in passing. Do you look and admire?

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2 Responses to every home is beautiful on the outside

  1. I love looking at houses and gardens when I walk. If I pass a realtor’s open house in the neighborhood, I will walk right in and take a look around. It’s like trying on a dress you wouldn’t really wear, but it’s fun to imagine the lifestyle. Every few years we will canoe past the houseboats on Lake Union and catch a tiny glimpse into another life–nothing kinky. In passing I note things like how they decorate their porch with tiny gardens or twinkle lights, or do they have books and art on their walls? Is there a kitty in the window? Fun post!

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you, Naomi! It is fun to look and take notes on decorating! Honestly, I’ve gotten some of my best ideas by doing that. I think my problem came in when I would begin to look in a beautiful house and compare my house to theirs and always feel insufficient. But I’ve gotten to a place of acceptance that I comparing doesn’t do much for me. So, I look now and take ideas and implement some of the ideas in my, already, beautiful home. 🙂

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