i like writing here

I have two blogs. I write here and at Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT. These two places are different, but I hope that in both of them you can get pieces of me. On MNR, I write about motherhood and here, I try to write about everything else.

Writing at both blogs is refreshing, but it’s also been eye-opening. I find that here, I get to talk about more and am less conscious of an audience. I do just write there, but here I write and hit publish and don’t second guess, I don’t have time to second guess.

I used to admire bloggers who could blog everyday and told myself that I’d never have the time to do the same. But, here, I do blog, mostly everyday. There are over 100 posts on this blog and it’s only been in existence for about six months. That’s amazing to me.

I’d like to say that through blogging for two years, I was able to apply all the lessons learned there, here. But that’s not true. While still very new, I still am learning much from this blog about myself as a writer.

I’m learning that the main thing standing in my way, often, of just writing is me. I make excuses. I delay. I procrastinate. I overthink. I overanalyze.

But through this blog, I’m learning to be different. I’m learning to let go of Mrs. Perfection. I’m learning to just write where my finger lead me. I’m learning to trust in my self and my words and ideas as a writer and human being. And this? This is amazing.


Are you standing in the way of you meeting your writing goals? If so, why?


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