aimless wanderings

Sometimes, I like to wander. I like plans and routes and goals and deadlines and lists, but, sometimes, it’s nice to wander. It’s nice to stumble upon new places, ideas, and thoughts through other unlikely places, ideas, and thoughts.

Sometimes it’s nice to not also have intention to do something and to still get to something else…more beautiful.

Writing is one place where I’m learning that it’s good to stumble. I do have goals with my writing. I do hope to one day write a novel, to one day publish some articles in a national magazine, but for now, rather than positioning myself clearly on that path, I’m wandering around those paths, enjoying this journey of blogging and writing and self-discovery.

As a younger woman, I never stumbled. I did things with intention, always. I planned and planned and planned and then did. I calculate risks of failure and rewards and acted accordingly.

Stumbles, I thought then, were a waste of time. To wander aimless in my discover of a college major, my life’s passion, was something I wouldn’t allow myself to do.

But, today, at this point in my life, I’m open to wandering. I wandered into blogging and blogging led me into writing more and writing more led me to great places, unexpected places that I don’t that I’d have gotten to if I didn’t wander.


Do you allow yourself to wander in your passions, life, and ambitions?


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3 Responses to aimless wanderings

  1. Life, at least for me, was stepping stones. I did many things and one led to another until I came to a bend in the river, and could see my path all the way to the horizon. It was the storytelling that led to the writing and I have been very happy there. I suppose you could say it worked that way in my relationships as well. When I was young, I went from flower to flower until I found just the right one, a perennial, of course, and I have been happy in my garden as well.

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