quantity v. quality

I haven’t said it on this blog before, but I’ve said it on my other blog, that my dad passed away in 2009 on Christmas Day. With Father’s Day coming up, i thought i should write something of a lesson that I learned from his death.

Quantity v. quality.

We live in a time, in a place, where quantity is often passed of as quality. We live in a time, in a place, where value is somehow entangled in our understanding of true quality.

We live in a time of excess, excess food, excess wastes, excess spending, excess relationships cultivated online and elsewhere to make us feel something that we think we need to feel valuable.

Old shirts. Many of us have old shirts and pants and sweaters and shoes in our closets and we continue to buy more new stuff. New shirts. New pants. New sweaters. New shoes.

We do this and we convince ourselves that having a lot, a full closet, a full bank account, 1,000 of Facebook friends is what it’s all about… but it’s not.

At the end of my dad’s life, I had a lot. I had friends and clothes and shoes and food and everything I could possible think to need. But when I lost him, none of that mattered.

Old shirts.

You miss old shirts when they’re gone. You miss old shirts when you can’t find them in the mess of the new piles you’ve just purchased.

Today I’m making an effort to keep my piles small, my friendship circles small, and my wants even smaller. I want to build and grow in these small piles and then add, not the other way around.

I want to hold onto my old, favorite shirts and wear them because they’re mine.


I don’t have a question today, but I would like to encourage you to take stock of your lives, relationships, and closets and focus on what is most essential to you. Throw out the wastes so you can see more clearly what matters most to you.

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