crazy high heels

I went shoe shopping today. Well, not really shoe shopping. I went shopping with my husband who was looking for shoes.

As I walked through the aisles, looking at four inch heels, snake skinned boats, and polka dots wedges with extreme inclines, I began thinking about how boring most of my current shoe collection is and how it’s become so reflective of my new life.

As a working woman, I only wore heels, crazy high heels. I wore high heels that made my feet hurt. I wore them because they made my pants hang better, because they were sexy and fun, and clicked when I walked.

Walking through the aisle and looking at the shoes I once would have bought and worn reminded me of just how much my life has changed, in a good way.

I said a few months back that I would begin wearing heels again, but that never happened. I never did wear heels. But I’m hoping that will change…soon.


How often do you wear crazy high heels?

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