i want to sew something

I’ve wanted to learn to sew ever since high school. I wanted to sign up for classes and read books and begin crafting my own designs and fashions as a 15 year old, but I never did. Instead, I devoted myself to other passions, passions like writing and reading and listening to music.

With these passions in the forefront, I kind of forgot about sewing and my desire to make my own clothes.

But years later, that passion is coming back…with threading vengeance! I want to sew something now. I want to sew little dresses and tunics and blazers and tapered pants. I don’t know when I’d have time to do these things, but I think I would find the time. I want to go to artsy fabric stores and sew from patterns and inspiration.

I want to sew.And that’s why I think I like those fashion reality TV shows that come on weeknights. I like watching the process of fashion being made. I like fabrics. And I like to think that I could someday be one of the designers, or I could have been one of those designers if I stuck to my guns and got a sewing machine, moved to NYC, and attended some well-known fashion school in the city.

Yes. That’s it. If only. If only I did all that, I’d be the next greatest designer, fashion icon, and… clothes maker for my adorable girls. Yeah. I think that last one’s the best title of all.


What’s a hobby that you’ve always wanted to do but never did pursue?

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One Response to i want to sew something

  1. jenhin says:

    Good question, I now need to think of a hobby to try.

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