food nazi

What’s a food nazi? I hear that term thrown around a lot, but I’ve never really googled to learn what it is. What I think it is is someone who obsesses about food and seeks to enforce their rules on others.

Food nazis.

I’m not a food nazi. I do care about the food I eat and the foods my family eat but I don’t want to enforce my choices on anyone else.

I’ve been shopping Organic a lot more now, not because I’m hoity-toity (is that how you spell that?) but because non-organic food has a lot of stuff in it that I don’t feel comfortable feeding my family. It’s that simple.

And when someone asks me why I shop organic, I give my reasons and stop talking. I don’t judge anyone for what they choose to feed their families. I do try to educate based upon things I’ve learned but only to some and at the right times.

I’m not a food nazi.


Are you a food nazi?

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