be the person you want to become

It sounds profound, doesn’t it? But, it’s very, very true. I learned this later in life. I learned that the person who was standing in the way of me becoming the person I thought I should one day become was none other than me. I learned that the hardest part of getting to be the person I wanted to become was getting out of my own way and just…becoming.

Life is simple, really. But it seems hard because we are complex creatures. We are creatures who are fearful, regretful, competitive, and anxious. We can be emotional and can forget our true goals and become something and someone else.

But life is easy when you let go of all of that and just be…the person you’ve always wanted to be. Life is easy if you don’t live by fear or allow your fears to become your life.

The person I always wanted  to become? She writes. She’s confident. She wakes in the morning and runs. She is present. She loves her life. I believe I am that person I wanted to become and I tell myself I am that person, and you know what? I really am that person.


Who do you want to become? What’s standing in your way of becoming that person of your dreams?

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3 Responses to be the person you want to become

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  2. lee' says:

    i just want to become the person who enjoying her life and every single day..capturing every moments and post it on her blog, and become the woman who always smile and laugh often, cheerful and always see things at good side…keep positive!!

    • Jessica says:

      What a wonderful goal! I would like to become that kind of a woman, too. It’s so easy to get bogged down in negativity, but I’ve learned that that, or negativity, leads to nothing worthwhile. It’s best to aim to see and want and nurture the best.

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