how i came up with this blog’s name

I actually put some thought into the name of this blog. Unlike my other blog. I knew that with this blog, I wanted a name that could encompass a lot. Short little bits. That’s the name of this blog because that’s how I get things done at this point in my life, in short little bits.

I used to be different. I used to work in long stretches and I used to be able to show a lot for my day’s worth of writing or pursuing my passions. But now things have changed. I have two kids now. So my days are built around their days. When I have time for me, I take the time. I do things in bits and pieces. I exercise in bits and pieces. I write in bits and pieces. I do laundry in bits and pieces.

And in the end, or when I’m done with my bits and pieces, usually I have something awesome to show for it…but sometimes I don’t.

The posts on this blog are written on inspiration. I do, sometimes, think in advance about what topics I’d like to write on, but usually I don’t. Usually, I just think of a topic five minutes before hand and start writing. When I do this, the writing is most fresh and feels the most authentic.


In my life at this point, I do have many plans. But when so much of my life goes according to my children’s plans, I’ve learned to be flexible. I’ve learned to love my bits of time and to use them for all their worth.


If you’re a blogger, how did you come up with your blog’s name?

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6 Responses to how i came up with this blog’s name

  1. kentehuti says:

    Jessica, your short little bits are certainly inspirational in expressing the beauty of untempered writing. I tend to dwell on thoughts, like now, I am developing my personal philosophy in like manner of owning a house and shaping it to speak directly from the heart of me.

  2. lee' says:

    i named my blog (goodthings) for all goodthings in my life and write them, so i could go back and reread them and keep on positive thoughts and always try to see every thing in good side, because i believe that everything happened for a reason, and there is always good reason behind things even bad things 🙂

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