eat and learn something new

I enjoy cooking. I think I’ve said that on this blog before. I think I’ve also said that I started cooking at 19 when I began a vegan. (I’m no longer a vegan anymore).

Now, I cook often. I cook because it’s less expensive than eating out. I cook because I like knowing what’s in my food. I cook because it’s actually kind of fun, kind of. Or, right now, or this week, it’s kind of fun.

It’s been fun this week because I’ve been trying new recipes. New recipes from cultures spanning across the globe. This. Or this process of cooking with vegetables and spices that are different from the ones I grew up on is fascinating.

It’s fascinating to eat the foods of a culture and to get into the tastes of their lived experience. It’s fascinating to stretch yourself and try something new, something unexpected, and love it.

I think we, as Americans, have much to learn about the rest of the world. I think it begins with our palettes. It begins at our dining tables.

My husband comes from a culture that eats with their hands. No utensils. Just hands and flat breads that act as a kind of food “scooper.” I’ve learned in my later years that this, or eating without a fork and spoon, happens throughout the world and that there are reasons for it, fascinating reasons for it.


Do you have a favorite cultural cuisine? If so, what is it?


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2 Responses to eat and learn something new

  1. I love recreating cuisine from different places, and different eras. We have had feasts that might have been served in a Viking longhouse, in ancient Egypt, medieval England, and many more. The research is fun, and so it the cooking.

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