Writer v. Blogger

One of the biggest misconceptions that I think writers who become bloggers have is that what happens online is somehow different from what happens off line.

There’s this perception that words crafted online are somehow different, somehow less authentic than those that are crafted in real life and for other purposes than a free blog post.

I had these perceptions as a writer turned new blogger. I think when I started blogging, I assumed that what I did at my blog was just blogging. I didn’t really call it writing, because I think, at the time, that felt fake.

Now I know that bloggers can be writers, too. But to be that they must be writers first. They must put precedence on their words as writings.

To be a successful blogger is not the same thing as being a successful writer. The recipes for success aren’t the same…at least not in this day in age.

Blogging for me, now, is a tool. It’s a tool that I use to write and through writing here…online…I get better, more confident in writing everywhere else.


Blogging v. writing. How do you define their differences? How has blogging made you a better (or worse) writer?

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5 Responses to Writer v. Blogger

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  2. Zen says:

    Hmm. I think writing and blogging go together hand in hand, because through blogging, you can give readers a taste of what your writing style’s like, so it’s important to give both equal attention, because you never know when a potential reader might come across your posts.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree! I think it’s important to remember to showcase your writing style and your voice through your blogging and not bend to what seems most popular in the world of blogging, if that makes sense.

  3. lee' says:

    well, i use blog for keep my writings, try to write all things in mind, and yes sometimes when i write things, i did think about words, about which right words to express my feelings, my thoughts, my ideas, to make reader can feel what i feel, can see what i see, can understand what i think, can agree or disagree with my thoughts, etc…so i use blog to improving my self being writer….and i read others blog to get some ideas but still i use my style 🙂

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