i love America

I should say starting out that I don’t think the United States of America is a perfect nation.It’s politics are often flawed. I live within a culture that often values quantity over quality. It’s a nation of extreme wastes and big hair and tanning salons and high gas prices and relatively poor health care and hypocritical stances on the value of families and mothers and minorities.

It’s not perfect.

I don’t believe, as some may, that the United States of America is always right  or fair or the best judge between what’s really right and really wrong.

I don’t think we’ve done everything right. I don’t think the USA is the best nation or the smartest or the most educated or the most free.


I do love America.

It’s my home. It’s the only home I’ve ever known and likely ever will know in my lifetime.

I do love living here. I do love being born here and being a part of a nation that has been made greater by the sum of its failures and triumphs.

So, today, I say, Happy Birthday America.


Happy Fourth of July everyone!


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6 Responses to i love America

  1. Well said, Jessica.

  2. lee' says:

    Happy Birthday America!! the country that i wanted to visit the most!!
    -from me-indonesia-

    • Jessica says:

      I would love to visit Indonesia! Maybe we can trade places for a week! 🙂

      • lee' says:

        great idea Jess, but I think, a week not enough for me, hahaha
        well, when u have a chance to visit Indonesia, inform me, i will be your tour guide then 😉

      • Jessica says:

        lol. Yeah. A week is a short time to visit a new place. (re: you being my tour guide) Oh, that would be awesome! I’ll be sure to let you know!! 🙂

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