editing pictures

I’ve come to realize something about myself at 29 years of age. I’ve come to realize something I’ve long been in denial about– that something? I’m boring. No, wait, that sounds horrible. I’m not boring, boring– I just don’t enjoy the “interesting” kinds of things that most people my age enjoy.

I like reality TV and loud music and sometimes am risky and stay up past 11:30 pm, but usually I’m a predictable girl with simple (read: boring) interests.

One of my latest things that I’ve come to enjoy is editing pictures. It’s tedious and time consuming and with but simple rewards, but I like it.

I like seeing the pictures I capture throughout my day, seeing my mistakes, learning from them, and seeing what I did right.

I like reflecting.

I like taking the time to fix things and zoom in on missed parts of photos.

It’s become a ritual of mine. I typically sit down with a cup of tea and my laptop and begin my “work.” Usually I have hundreds of pictures to go through, so it’s time consuming, but because my children are sleep when I do it, I know that I can get through most of the pictures without any interruptions.


Do you enjoy editing pictures?


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4 Responses to editing pictures

  1. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying reflective time, and good photography is also a form of storytelling. Each one is a little work of art. I think your time is well spent!

    • Jessica says:

      I agree! I think editing pictures can feel like such a huge time suck, but you’re right, it’s so worth the time to tell the perfect story.

  2. lee' says:

    oh, i love pictures, editing pictures is one of my fav time after taking them…
    share your picture here…wanna see them!!

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