pulling out my parenting card

I never wanted to write about parenting stuff on this blog because I wanted to save all that for my other blog. Well, there’s that, plus, like a paying job where no everyone is a parent or cares that you’re a parent, I want to keep this a parenting talk-free zone, a zone where I wouldn’t have to worry about over killing it with talks of teething and sleeplessness and mom jeans.

Before I had kids, I remember thinking that parents gave excuses. I thought they gave excuses and pulled the “oh, I’m a parent” card for sympathy. But, now, now as a parent, I know that sometimes the parenting card must be pulled. Sometimes, there’s no other way to explain why you haven’t blogged at your daily blog in two days (I think). Sometimes, there’s no other way to explain your undereye circles. Sometimes, you must pull the parent card.

So, tonight, I’m pulling the parent card. I’m pulling it out fast. My kids, who are two and eight months are not sleeping much, so I am not sleeping much or blogging much or looking refreshed much.

But, I’m here tonight because I do have five minutes tonight and I did want to spare five minutes here tonight because this place matters.

*sigh. That’s all. I’m going to bed now. Yes, parents must go to bed before 11 om or else they’ll melt.


Any parents out there who can relate? Do you pull your “parenting card” often or do you reserve it for “special” occasions?

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3 Responses to pulling out my parenting card

  1. Bless you, Jessica, and your little ones too. I must be feeling sentimental, because my little ones are seventeen and twenty-one. You pull that parenting card whenever you want, because it’s valid, and it works for more of than you might expect. Their childhood goes by so fast, and one day you will only be able to write about it. (For the last week I have been living on past laurels and silently pulling the parent card as I have both kids with us right now, happy and eager to spend time with us, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it!) Hugs to you all, Naomi

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