making time for writing

I used to stay on top of things. I used to be very diligent and organized, a self-starter. I still am those things, but motherhood is changing me. Now, I’ve begun to get into the habit of putting things off. I build things up in my head and get overwhelmed and am slower to get things accomplished.

My writing is one thing that I put off. No, wait, I take that back. I do make sure to get my blogging writing done, but remember that novel I said I wanted to pick up again? Yeah. That one that I started about three years ago and haven’t touched in two years? Yeah. That one. I really want/need to get started on it again.

But, I keep putting it off. It keeps being pushed to the bottom of my to-do list each day, not because I don’t have the time (I could make the time). It’s pushed down there because I don’t want to make the time.

Priorities. That how writing happens. It happens when we make it a priority to write. Without making it a priority, guess what? It won’t happen.

But today, tonight, I’m going to make that novel a priority. I’m going to write something for that novel tonight.

Wish me luck.


Novel writers: How do you stay motivated to keep writing? Are you a daily writer?

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One Response to making time for writing

  1. kentehuti says:

    Serious writing for more than the occasional fun of it, indeed puts demands on one that can easily overwhelm. Establish your priorities. What in your writing day is most important right now ? Do not hesitate to change the priority list and give the greatest challenge the most time. What demands the most time? Search your conscience, being true and fair to yourself.

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