what are afraid of as a writer?

I think it’s easy to not do the things that we convince ourselves that we’re not good at any way. So, for instance, in college, I hardly took in Math courses. Why? Well, because I was a chicken. While i get words and sentence and stories, numbers scare me. They always have.

So, in college, I did what I thought I was must good at. I did English. I did English in my undergraduate studies and my graduate studies because that path intimidated me less.

Even within the English field, however, there were some activities that I preferred over others. In school, I preferred to write, versus talking about my writings. I preferred research over essays and felt I was horrible at interviewing.

But, now, years after school, I am learning that in order to get to a better place with my writing, to grow, to learn, I must be willing to face my fears.

Now, I write poetry and do interviews and essays because these things stretch me. They make me better. And you know what the more I do of them, the better I get.


What are you afraid of as a writer?

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