the hardest part of a journey…

…is the first step. Do you ever convince yourself that you don’t have time to do something and then feel bad about not doing it because you say you don’t have time, but you really do have time but want to think you don’t because you really don’t want to do…it. whew.

That was exhausting. But that’s how I often get when it comes to longer writing assignments. I put them off.

I put off my novel and essays and research because it’s so much easier to tackle the small and more familiar day-to-day projects, the blog posts and blog readings and tweeting. This is all easy stuff that I do to think I don’t have time to do the other stuff.

But, I do have time if I make the time. Tonight, I finally looked at my old novel and had some new ideas. I edited a couple of pages and jotted down some thoughts I had in reading my old words from almost three years ago.

I didn’t get much accomplished, but I’m proud of what I did get accomplished.

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