reality TV

I really like reality TV. I like it because in the moment I’m watching it, I don’t really think about how real it really is. I suspend logic, usually, and just watch and revel in drama, cat fights, missed periods, and teen moms. I like it.

I always have, I think. I think my first reality TV was Big Brother. Remember that show? And remember how novel an idea it was, or that it seemed back then to see people interacting in “real” time. There was something then that got me hooked.

I like stories, so I guess in seeing “Real” people, I always get hooked in the stories which I think are arguably more noteworthy than the kinds of crafted stories that appear on sitcoms.

With Reality TV, there’s the uncertainty factor that gets me. It’s the uncertainty factor and the possibility that not all endings will be happy or closed or final that gets me.

Right now, as I write this, I’m “watching” Teen Mom. And I’m loving it.


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