and that’s why martha stewart is my idol

I am a crafting wannabe. I like spend hours in craft stores because I like imagining all the cool projects I could do if I sat down and thought of all the cool projects that all the cool crafters I follow on Pinterest could be doing right….now.

But, I’m not really crafty. I can kind of sew with a needle and thread. I can cut paper on a straight line. I can do something magical with a glue gun, but I’m not crafty. I never have been, and I likely never will be.

And I’m okay with that. For me, my problem is execution. I’m a good thinker. I can come up with a thousand ways to tie a ribbon, but actually tying a ribbon in a thousand ways is not my forte.

And that’s why Martha Stewart is my idle, I mean, idol. And that’s why I sometimes imagine that if I were Martha Stewart, I would talk in a low, slightly raspy voice like hers and wear creams and bake a cupcake of raspberries and butterscotch cream and adorn it with lace on top of a golden charger. This is all nonsensical, so I apologize in advance.


Are you good at crafts?

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2 Responses to and that’s why martha stewart is my idol

  1. anonymousmomma says:

    Lol! No. not at all. I envy those that have the patience and grace

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