olympic dreams

Once upon a time, I wanted to be in the Olympics. In the Summer Olympics, it was Gymnastics that I dreamed of doing to win gold. In the Winter Olympics, it was Ice Skating.

The Olympics were always a big deal to me because, you know, they only happen once every four years. That, plus, I admired the participants dedication to their crafts, their sport, their bodies. It never ceases to amaze me the dedication that runners, walkers, gymnasts, volleyball players, basketball players, swimmers– have to what they do.

And in seeing that dedication, I’m always inspired. I’m inspired that more important than finding something that pays well, it’s important that we all find something that we love.

We must all have something that we sacrifice for, work hard for, sweat for, be prepared to lose for.

We must all be willing to work hard to be champions and still be okay with all of our work if we fail.

We must all be olympians and the thing(s) that we believe we are good at.


Are you watching the Olympics? What are your favorite sports?

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