Have you ever seen something that was so good it gave you chills? Gymnastics, dancing, track and field, swimming, the Olympics does that for me.

I apologize in advance for talking again about the Olympics, but, hey, this is what’s inspiring me right now. As I right this, I’m watching the Olympics, specifically I’m watching gymnastics.

I love this sport. I always have. I wanted to be a gymnast once. But, I got too tall. That, and I never really took a class in gymnastics.

In spite of this, I knew that I was destined to be a gymnast at 9, or was it 11? I’m not sure how old I was, I just know that I was young and unaware of anything beyond that as a career choice for a young girl.

Oh, childhood dreams.


Do you get chills when watching athletes perform in the Olympics?

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One Response to chills

  1. I know it takes a lot of discipline to compete, and it is a good playing field for all nations to come together, but I can’t watch it. What always gave me chills was to see these fifteen and sixteen year old kids, who have given up their childhoods to compete, and if they make a mistake their lives are ruined. If they haven’t screwed up or haven’t won their medal after one or two Olympics at most (and landed their contract as sports drink spokesperson), they are washed up and too old to compete.

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