paisley pajamas

I have an “eclectic” sense of fashion. I like classic pieces, a-line skirts and sweaters with navy blue patterns and lots of cream.

I like the “classic,” and saying I like the “classic” because it sounds so classy.


I like bohemian pieces. too. I like tunics and flowing skirts and funky sandals.

I like the “bohemian” look because saying I like the “bohemian” look makes me feel so cosmopolitan and “easy-breezy” and bohemian.


I also like trendy pieces. I like what I like when I see it in the store and want it in my closet.

Yesterday, I bought some paisley polyester pajama. They’re black and green and so deliciously stretchy that it’s almost sinful.

They’re not classic or bohemian or trendy. In fact they aren’t in good fashion at all.


I love them anyway.

I love them because they fit and feel so butter-y.

I love them like my bohemian skirts and classic button downs and trendy polka dot wedges because they are just me.


Do you have a certain kind of style? If so, then what word would you use to describe your style?

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