writing process

I think this blog is an interesting test for me. And from this blog, I’ve been learning a lot about how I write and the topics that get me most inspired.

I like humor in my writings. I like to laugh. I like to be inspired, too, however. So when I write here I like to do both of those things.

I think about my topics first and then I write. I don’t have a stopwatch, but I do keep track of the five minutes by looking at the clock in the upper right hand corner of my computer.

Sometimes, since I only have five minutes, my fingers quiver. Sometimes they’re stiff from all the words that I want to come out but worry that time will run out before they actually do come out.

I don’t read my posts after I publish them, usually. Usually, I just write and then at the five minute mark, I hit publish, promote, and close.

But in reading comments, I do come back and re-read what I’ve written. And, usually, I’m pleasantly surprised.

This place is like my pre-bedtime routine. I tried writing here during the day, but it just never works. I’m not inspired during the day, I think. Or, it’s not that I’m not inspired, it’s that I have other things that make it hard for me to think about writing, seriously.

I only have one minute, so I’ll stop here.

What are your writing processes? Do you have a certain order in which you do things when writing on your blog, novel, etc.?


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