channel surfing

I liked the idea of having 500 channels when the idea of having 500 channels was novel in this country. I think that was in the 90s.

With 500 channels, you think, “Wow! I can watch movies and sitcoms and dogs running up tree videos all day, every day.”

But, when you get 500 channels you realize how impossible it is to actually watch 50o channels.

When you get 500 channels, you usually just stick to one or two channels. Or, at least that’s what I usually do.

But today, since my girls went to bed earlier than expected, I thought I’d treat myself to something new, something entertaining and dramatic and different. So, I started on channel one. Then moved to channel two, then three, then 11, since there wasn’t a 4, 5,6,7,8,9, or 10.

So yeah at 11, I started flipping fast to get to 100s then my remote got confused and went crazy.

Ten minutes later, I started flipping again through pet shows and cooking shows and old time hollywood movies and cheating shows and political shows and music shows and nanny 911 shows.

I flipped through a lot of shows before “settling” on a segment about watches on QVC that isn’t really interesting but that I continued to watch because my finger was tired of changing the channel. And, so, yeah.


Too many choices isn’t always a good thing.


Do you get a lot of channels with your cable package? If so, do you engage in channel surfing often?


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