curly hair

You always want what you don’t have, right. When you have straight hair, you want curls. And when you have curls, you want straight hair.

I have curls, so growing up, I always wanted straight hair. I wanted the kind of bone straight hair that would blow in the wind and settle back, easily, into place.

But, I never had that kind of hair. My hair was and always has been thick and curly. It stands up with the slightest hint of rain and up and out, instead of down.

Curly girls have the kind of hair that, sometimes, defines them.

You can’t be a curly girl and be forgotten. Yeah, “she’s the one with the curly hair.”

So, I have curls, and until about five years ago, I hated them.

But, now, now I love them. I love my curls and their personality and that they, sometimes, do define me.

I’m a curly girl.


Do you have curly hair? What is your curls story?

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One Response to curly hair

  1. woahmolly says:

    I have dead straight hair and I also dreamed of having a huge awesome mop of curls, but now that you mention it I also wouldn’t mind having nice straight hair that blows in the wind and then settles back into place! Mine, once blown, stays blown.

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