if i could be famous…

For much of my life, I convinced myself that, if nothing else, I wanted to be famous. I wanted people to know my name and take my pictures in grocery stores and go down in history as that lady who was…famous.

But then as I got older, I realized, I really didn’t want to be that kind of famous. I realized that while the allure of being known for something is great and fills the hunger of my ego, I don’t want fame.

Or, I don’t want conventional fame.

I don’t want the kind of fame that people recognize me in public. I want the right to look like crap and not worry about a picture of me looking like crap appearing on the headline of some gossip blog.

I don’t want the kind of fame that would require me to keep working to have it. I feel sorry for actors who have to do reality TV, not because they want to, but because they need to stay “relevant.”

I want the kind of fame that would allow me to be in the background and take the foreground just to accept awards or something with a group of people.

I want the kind of fame that can go away and I won’t feel like I’m crap because it went away.

I want the kind of fame that gets me in cool hotels.


Have you ever wanted to be famous? What type of famous what you like to be?

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6 Responses to if i could be famous…

  1. Dude this is so me. I am still convinced I shall be famous. What is that about? I mean, I really, really abhor stuff like the Voice and Popstars and all those “talent” shows, because it just teaches our youngsters that fame is a mere audition away, and that talent is all you need – no hard work involved.

    I think maybe the key is that we KNOW we have a lot of good stuff to bring into this world, but that we’re still not ready or secure enough to make that bold statement. “What if others don’t agree that I am awesome?” By wishing we were famous already, that part of the work would be done. Becoming famous (or successful, or whatever) is a risky process that involves a big chance of (multiple) rejections, with no guaranteed outcome of success. If we just had someone knowledgable and credible and powerful say: this gal has got something special.

  2. I think the shittiest part in being famous is that you always have to look your best or half of the world will laugh at you.

  3. woahmolly says:

    I used to be want to be famous – I was a drama kid so of course I had dreams of being a famous actress. But I’m really glad I never attempted to go down that path (mainly because I am not very good), because I can’t imagine anything as awful as what some young actors go through today.
    Now? I’d like to write a bit and have some people who read and like my work. That would be enough for me. I’m not sure if good hotels come along with that, but maybe they do… 🙂

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