first sign of a bad hotel

The first sign of a bad hotel is a dirty lobby. When I enter a hotel with dusty floors and broken lights, I always can tell that that hotel is not really to be trusted. I mean, come on, the lobby is like the first impression. If it’s not cleaned, and the hotel doesn’t have the decency to put on a clean front there, then what else is hiding beneath the mattress, or comforters.

What else?

This is a stereotype, I know. I know that sometimes hotels who get the whole “clean lobby first impression” thing do just enough to keep it clean and allow the rest of the hotel to flounder. But usually, the lobby is a sign of things to come.

My favorite hotel lobbies are bright and have cookies, warm cookies and tea. They have clean looking furniture and an attentive hotel staff and double elevators that come soon after you press the button.


What do you think. How important is the hotel lobby in your book?

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