childhoods made in America

I think it’s kind of funny that in many places in the world, children aren’t introduced to the world as children. It’s funny and, in some cases, sad, that outside of the West, children just exist, alongside their parents as little human beings who eat less, need help with their diapers, and can’t speak as well.

In America, parenting is like a sport and childhood, for better and worse, is a “place.” It’s a place that we as parents must protect with the right amount of television programming and the best foods and good people.

And when children get older, they leave that place and enter the world of adults which, I would imagine now that I am am adult, is an adjustment. A big adjustment.

The leap even from Nick Jr to Nick is drastic.

I think this adjustment is necessary, that children should have childhoods, but I wonder how children in America would be different if we, as adults, began to see them more as human beings in training to be adults. I wonder what would happen if instead of seeing childhood as this separate time of sacredness, we saw it more of something along the way to somewhere else. I wonder.


How do you think our attitudes about childhood are shaping who are children are today?

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