the olden days of blogging

I’ve been reading a lot about what the olden days of blogging used to be like. I’ve been reading about guest posts and small communities and authentic bloggers so much that I wish I were a blogger back then.

I could have been a blogger back then. Back in 06′ my dad told me about this new thing called “blogging.” “Jessica, it’s going to be big, and since you like to write, you should do it!” “Yeah. Ok. dad.”

I didn’t do it. I didn’t start blogging until the third wave of blogging in 2010. (I came up with that wave.) I started blogging when some bloggers had success by blogging and everyone else was rushing in for the fool’s gold. I started blogging with the intention to just write, but I got swept up in that rush for something from my blog, too.

I started participating in all these networking and memes thingies that are really designed to promote certain blogs in an effort to make my blog better. For what? I didn’t know. But like everyone else, I just wanted it to be better.

I long for the olden days as a writer who would like my blog to be judged by it’s writing, but then, I’m reminded of the fact that the olden days are never that good. Nostaglia for what once was is always misty and foggy and tainted by the present.

So, while not perfect, I’m learning to love this new blogging scene. I’m learning to carve my space as a writer who blogs, too.


When do you start blogging? Why did you start blogging?

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4 Responses to the olden days of blogging

  1. I started blogging way back in 2007. I blogged because I liked to write. Then I got worried about how many followers i had and would worry when I didn’t get any likes. I never really got caught up in the “gold rush” because I knew I just wanted to talk about writing and the process. No pipe dreams here but I guess it would be nice . . . . .

    • Jessica says:

      lol. That’s great that you never got caught up in the “gold rush.” I did and it was nothing but a distraction from my true goals as a writer. Now that I’m blogging to write, I enjoy it more.

  2. woahmolly says:

    I started my very first blog back in 2001. It was atrocious, mainly because I was atrocious at the time. My excuse is that I was 19. I think that explains it all. Anyway, I’ve blogged on and off since then, and now I have been what I like to call ‘properly blogging’ (that is picking a vague theme, committing to writing, and sort of participating in the whole blogging ‘deal’) for about two months now and enjoying it. I do it to write, to reach out to other writers, to talk about things that I enjoy and to hopefully meet (or at least internet-meet) some people who I share some stuff in common with. I am woefully realistic and don’t expect to get a whole lot of success from blogging, but if I do happen to, it shall be a pleasant surprise. If I don’t I’ll still do it, because, online as in real life, it takes a great deal to shut me up. Ha!

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