the best marriage ever

Before I was married, I used to think that the best marriage ever was one that was made of two people who never fought and stared lovingly in each others eyes over banana split sundaes.

The best marriages were between people who always said “I love you,” who shared everything, wore matching shirts, and did absolutely everything together.

But, I think since getting married, my idea of what the “best marriage is” and what it looks like has changed. Now I think the best marriages are made of people who actually like each other, people who are friends or pals.

My husband and I don’t each sundaes together because somethings like desserts and underwear, I think, should never, ever be shared, well unless there’s some dire circumstance necessitating otherwise.

We don’t wear matching shirts, though I think that would be kind of cute, kind of. We do share everything in the sense that we don’t keep secrets.

But, mostly, we’re pals. We watch crime shows together now. Every night. We turn to this channel called ID and watch these crazy shows about crazy crimes that happen in America. I used to be the only crime show fanatic, but I think my allure has swept him in. We watch these shows and talk and just have a great time.

That’s a good marriage to me. When you can enjoy your partner without doing anything to enjoy them at all.


How do you define a “good marriage”? How have your attitudes towards this definition changed over time?

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2 Responses to the best marriage ever

  1. Sweet. I remember being disappointed that, for our first anniversary, my husband brought me a really good thermos instead of flowers. Now I buy myself flowers whenever I feel like it, which is often, and thirty years later I am still using that thermos!

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