when truth is relative…

You know, I said when I started blogging that I would never, ever, ever, ever talk about politics. I said I wouldn’t talk about politics because I think conversations on politics can be so divisive. I’m not talking politics in this post but this post was inspired by politics.

When I was a little girl, my world was simple. It was black and white. There were good people like police and teachers and ice cream men and bad people like bandits who wore those masks and criminals.

Back then there were truths and lies and the two didn’t meet in between. There was a bridge between them in which little white lies lived, but, in general, as a child, I knew the difference. I knew that truths aren’t lies and lies aren’t truths.

As an adult, I’ve learned otherwise. The truth is the truth but sometimes the truth can be painted over a lie and paraded around as truth. Truths can be invented. Yes, invented. Truths are, or can be, relative. Truths are convenient in politics and I worry that this convenience is changing how we all think about “the truth.”

The truth, I know, is sometimes inconvenient. Sometimes, the truth doesn’t win elections or get campaign funding. But the truth must and always be the truth. Yes, we can and should argue and disagree over our understanding of it, but in the end, the truth must be known and valued as the truth.


Shouldn’t the truth stand true as “the truth”? Or should the truth stand as a subjective construct that is up for interpretation?

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2 Responses to when truth is relative…

  1. diannegray says:

    Truth should be truth – in politics it never is!

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