i knew that skill would come in handy

When I graduated from high school, I said I would be an actress. I said this because I always have been good at doing these crazy impersonations that make people laugh. I was like born with this ability to watch someone and just become them in my mannerism and voice.

So, I said acting, since naturally I couldn’t do stand up comedy and was kind of terrified of standing in front of huge crowds. So, I did theater at first. I did it until, with the first assignment I was required to start crying about something really lame, I realized that acting is actually a serious craft that takes more than someone sounded like a cross between Marge Simpson and Oprah.

So I dropped Theater and did something else. I graduated with other degrees and with time, lost the need to use my skill of impersonation…Well, that is, until I had children.

My impersonation skill comes out in storytime. And while toddler thinks I’m mostly insane, she likes when mommy reads because it’s just so fun. Yeah…I knew that skill would come in handy at some point.


Do you have a skill that you kind of stopped using as you became older?

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