Have you ever said a word that captured an emotion so well that you begin to wonder how we ever did without that word before? O.M.G. is one of those words for me.

In having my own O.M.G moment a couple of minutes ago, I wondered this. I wondered who invented this great expression and how we did with out it before. Because while a surprised “What?!” or “oh my goodness” could take it’s place, it really can’t take it’s place. We need O.M.G.

The O.M.G. moment is different from the long hand O.M.G moment because it’s like a surprise. It’s like, “Ah! Ellen’s dating Rihanna! O.M.G.

Even though Ellen really isn’t dating Rihanna, can’t you just imagine “O.M.G.” being your reaction to that potential news that has absolutely nothing to do with your life? Really. Can’t you?

Along with being more accurate to the shock of learning something new, O.M.G is also politically correct and more trendy. If you’re older and wanting to appear anything but, just throw out O.M.G. a few times and you’ll be considered “down.” Or, you’ll be considered “down” if you use it in the right context…sparingly.


Have you recently had an O.M.G moment?

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