a mother who writes

Last week I had the Flu.

It was that that was the reason I was unable to write here or at my other blog or anywhere else for that matter. I couldn’t write or tweet or read blogs or do anything really.

Everything was reduced to the essentials and I did only what I could. I was a parent to my girls. That’s it. Even in the fog of headaches and body aches, I still have two little girls who wake up each day looking to me to make their world’s move. They need me to eat, to sleep, to get dressed, to feel okay. They need me.

They need me to stay well. I’ve been blogging for almost three years. And in those three years, staying well hasn’t always been my priority. I mean, it was something I wanted, but it wasn’t really something I worked towards. Writing was what I’ve been working towards.

It’s horrible but I rationalize that since the end goal, a published post or article is worth it, it’s okay. But you know what? It’s not really okay. It’s not okay to be tired all the time. It’s not okay to put writing before sleep. I know a lot of writer parents out there who do this, but for some reason, it never works out for me.

So, my new plan going forward is to put a high priority on my health. I’m going to sleep earlier, staying in bed later and napping. Where does this leave writing? I’m not sure. But, I’m confident that things will work themselves out.


Writer Moms: When do you find time to write?


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