i missed here

The past two weeks, I’ve been hit or miss here because I’ve been sick. First with the Flu, then with Strep. It was tough being sick and having two children to care for, but I’m thankful at this moment to be able to write here again. I’ve missed here and writing and talking uncensored for 5 minutes a day.

So, today, today, can we talk about Mitt Romney and the idea of apologies? I don’t want to talk about what he said, but I do want to talk about how some want him to apologize for things that he seems to believe in. I hate that. I hate what he said. But if that’s what he believes, then should he have to apologize for what he believes in?

Shouldn’t we be able to state our real opinions and be judged for them? Shouldn’t our apologies be saved for when we really mean them?

What does “I’m sorry” mean if it doesn’t really mean “I’m sorry for what I did” and instead means “I’m sorry for how you interpreted what I did”? .


What do you think about mandated apologies?

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2 Responses to i missed here

  1. It seems pointless. You’re right; what does a forced apology mean? If Romney is sorry for anything, it’s for opening his big mouth and revealing to the nation that he doesn’t give a fig about most of its citizens.

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