watching the news

I think I stopped watching the news when I became a mom. Instead of the news, I “did” celebrity gossip. I did cheesy, salacious celebrity gossip because that always felt easy to digest after a full day of being a parent having to deal with picking eating and potty training trials and tribulations.

I like gossip and drama and cat fights and pregnancy scandals, but recently, I’ve started watching the news again and reading political blogs. This is a twist for me that’s giving me reason to stretch and feel like a grown-up. So, now, when my girls go to sleep, I watch the news.

I yell at the TV, make faces, and take things personally. I enjoy the sport of heated debates between two old guys with dyed hair and pondering when Chris Matthews will ever really go grey. Even though the baby blonde really does suit him, I think. Yeah. In a strange way, it suits him well. I think.

And I think this has been good for me. It’s good to stay in the loop and know what’s going on in your world. Ignorance is bliss, but it’s also a pity.


Do you watch the news? What’s your favorite news medium?

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